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Ultimate Guide About Cooking Oils

Ultimate Guide About Cooking Oils

February 06, 2020

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When it comes to the kitchen, not all cooking oils are created equally! Oils come from seed, nut, and plant extractions and are certainly an essential in the kitchen, but each kind works better with certain foods more than others. Are you getting the most out of your cooking oil? Our guide will help you determine which ones to use and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of oil.

Olive Oil

Probably the most popular type of cooking oil, olive oil is one we should all have in our cupboards. Again though, there are different types of olive oil and the one you should go for depends on what you are trying to do with it. Regular (or light) olive oil has a good flavor to it, which is why it is often used in vinaigrettes for salads, but it also has a high smoke point at 465-475 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is a good oil to cook with. If you are making infused oil, then go for this pure olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is the other well-known olive oil. How it tastes depends on which region the olives used to make it come from. It can be fruity, grassy, buttery, or even slightly spicy. It has a low smoke point and is not a great oil for cooking. Instead, use it in salads or dips!

Peanut Oil

Often used for frying because of its high smoke point (450 F), peanut oil is, as you could imagine, a nutty oil that is pale in color. It is used quite often in Asian dishes, especially as the oil used to make a stir fry. Peanut oil has a short shelf life before it goes bad. If you’re wanting some, buy only what you know you’re going to use.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has only recently been made popular in households. At room temperature, it is a solid, so you wouldn’t want to use this as a dressing or dip, but it is great for cooking and even baking as a butter substitute. It melts relatively quickly but should mainly be used on a moderate-heat as its smoke point is 350 F. it has a nice light tropical scent, but not one you would necessarily taste too much in your dishes.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is a good everyday oil to have for cooking. It is pretty much odorless and bland, so it won’t add anything to your dish, but if you’re looking for a quick high-heat sauté or fry up, then it’s perfect. Vegetable oil is also called on in a lot of baking recipes, so it is good to have around.

While these oils are great to have around to get the best flavors out of your dishes, what also makes a dish special is how it is prepared and served. Cooking oils will make no difference if your ingredients are prepared properly, so start with a dependable cutting board from Walnut Cutting Boards that will be easy on knives and ingredients. And if you’re really looking to impress, serve up your meals on a walnut cutting board for that ultimate dining experience. Put a walnut cutting board on your shopping list after your cooking oils!

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