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Wood Wall Decor

Wood Wall Decor

October 31, 2018

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Using wood cutting boards to create elegant wall décor can create classic, rustic, artistic and sophisticated looks. With a high-quality cutting board, the design possibilities are as boundless as your imagination and creativity.

First, you need to start with a quality cutting board. Using a higher quality of wood opens more opportunities than a cheaper board. A walnut cutting board is a great place to start. They're made from durable hardwood and have a beautiful, rich colour. They even look great on their own.

There are several ways to make wood look weathered on your own for a rustic look. One of the easiest ways to achieve a weathered look is to experiment with sanding and stains. Walnut wood is already a gorgeous colour, but you can sponge on deeper shades or sand it to make it look lighter. Simply seal the board and you're done.

Engraving a design or quote is an excellent way to personalize your décor. Contact us and we can help you decide on the perfect engraving for you! If you're stuck and need inspiration for something to put onto the cutting boards, look online for a favourite quote about homes, love or inspiration. Poems can also tell stories or express thoughts and emotions that we empathize with. Song lyrics are a creative way to tell a story, while also expressing your love of a song or artist. Quotes from your favourite movie or tv show can also be a great way to display your style and add a personal touch.

You can place an engraved cutting board in any (or every) room of the house! From the front porch to the back, a hardwood cutting board can look elegant anywhere.

There are tons of ways you can spruce up a wood cutting board to create beautiful home décor. No matter what you choose to do, your home will be more beautified and inviting with a hardwood cutting board. Check out our variety of hardwood walnut cutting boards today!

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